If what you create does not outlive you, then you have failed.

- Uday Kotak

En route to the top, mountaineers must overcome avalanches and ever new challenges faced by a tiring body and mind. When circumstances change, mountaineers are posed with the question of ascending further or acclimatising to the altitude.

The worlds of mountaineering and finance share parallels. It is experience and expertise that help both stay alive.

Kotak Mahindra Group (Kotak) has been consistently pursuing newer heights for the past 33 years. It has taken leaps to cross many milestones by calibrating its steps and practising caution when confronted with winds of change.

Kotak has adapted to new conditions with agility and flexibility; choosing purpose and conviction over consequences; sustainability and prudence over aggression; long-term over short-term; integrity and transparency over growth.

Over time, Kotak has become an adept enterprise – learning and imbibing the art of survival and growth to become bigger, bolder and better.

At Kotak, it isn’t just about the destination, the journey to get there is an important element that is laced and driven with the courage to shore up its conviction. Kotak is a “non-stopper” because of its courage of conviction amidst the constancy of change.

For Kotak, the best is always the next.